NO 37th District Town Hall on Saturday

I received messages from staff from Sharon Tomiko-Santos and Eric Pettigrew stating that there is NO Town Hall for the 37th LD tomorrow at Garfield.  

I received this information via the Washington State PTSA and I made the mistake of not independently verifying it.  My apologies.


Anonymous said…
Probably ducking the school reform issue.Tomiko-Santos is not happy with Pettigrew right now. The community is at odds with each other. RBHS is on the warpath against a former ally.

Yes, LEV stirred the pot and the result is good people are in a generally pissed off mood with each other over yes/no on charters. Thanks a lot LEV. Your "help" isn't "helping".


PS: Yes, we have noticed that you quietly took over foundation work at the New School.
StopTFA said…
Which reminds me. The principal at the New School at Southshore deserves a reprimand for openly discussing a TFA hiring decision at a school board meeting.
Anonymous said…
It's OK Melissa. I received that same information from two reliable sources and then I had to go back and change the title to my Weekly Update. Ha!

Yes, my thought was also that Pettigrew doesn't want to publicly receive the ire of his constituents. That would have made for some great press!

Southie, thanks for the update on the New School. LEV has taken over that charter school look-alike? Well, well, well.

It would be good to ask the district what their MOU with the New School Foundation means now that they merged into LEV.

As for the principal, this is the second time that she has stepped out of line - I think the superintendent knows it's important that principals understand and respect the rules and policies of the Board.

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