Google's Doodle Contest

Let your budding artists at home know about this one.  From Google:

The Doodle 4 Google competition is now open to all K-12 students in U.S. schools (including homeschoolers). Parents, teachers, or after school programs may submit doodles on behalf of their child or student as long as they are accompanied by a completed and signed entry form. Like last year, we do not have a cap on number of submissions from one school, family, or after school program but we still require that only one doodle is submitted per child. In the case of duplicate submissions by a single child, we will accept the submission that arrives first as determined by the "received by" date. Completed entry forms must be received by March 23rd. 

Judges include singers Jordan Sparks and Katy Perry and children's book author, Holly Black, and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi (of The Spiderwick Chronicles fame).


Anonymous said…
Google's new privacy policy - no opt out:

All Google products are going to be linked so your personal data will be mined and compiled from all sources and retained forever or until the sun goes out which ever comes first.


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