BEX Work Session Today.

Off to the BEX Work Session.  Here's the presentation.  Will Tweet if anything urgently good comes up.


Steve said…
Looks like the link in Melissa's post is incorrect. Here's one that works.
Steve said…
At least the section about the new downtown school (presumably the one in S. Lake Union) is a bit more pessimistic. From slide 17:

Downtown School
• Construct new 500 seat K-5
• City and District forecasts of school population growth in the area are not fully validated at the present time
• Potential constraints: Site is not identified; development constraints unknown
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Unofficial playground feedback from a couple of NE parents with kids affected by current crowding: Not voting for levy (yes, fully aware of cutting off nose to spite face, if you will) if South Lake Union school remains on proposal in lieu of other necessary fixes. They said they are generally peeved with the district's money management, even if BEX will positively help their own kids.

I find this unexpected and perhaps a small subset of total Seattle voters. But a perspective to be considered.

Anonymous said…
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Thanks Steve for that help.

Sherry and Kay pushed back heavily on downtown school. I believe it is weakening. More on this later.

The Advanced Learning Taskforce has not come out with its recommendation (probably end of month) so no news there.

I think anyone can take any principled stand on why they do or do not vote for a school levy or bond. But a good time to take that stand is early and loudly so the district and Board positions the BEX for the best possible outcome at the ballot box

This is no shoo-in and they would be wise to consider that.
KG said…
I hear that there will be 16 riffed counselors. Ridiculous to say the least. Again attacking the least of these that need help in our student population.

Rif Harman and company. No one would miss their lazy book keeping ways.
Anonymous said…
Oops, you deleted my comment. My sign off was "I vote no"

I vote no
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but you fail to mention Kay's assertion that "build a condo international school downtown and those downtown workers will bring their kids. We'll claw them back."

Where is the data to support this assertion? Was it another business owner or two who said, yeah sounds okay.

If I can't tell it's a name, I'll delete it. Put it in caps or something. I don't have time to guess.
Anonymous said…
Okay, sorry.

mirmac1 said…
Here is the latest Draft BEX IV timeline.
JS said…
mirmac - Is that new timeline available on the SPS website? I'm not having any luck, and I can't download your copy.

mirmac1 said…
There are oftentimes handouts at the meetings that are not posted on the SPS website. You may need to make a trusted site in your web browser to allow downloads. If you have better luck with google docs, I can do that and post a link...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the timeline.
I find it frustrating that the presentation is available online, but not the spreadsheet with the timeline.

North End Mom
I believe the timeline is embedded in the presentation.
Anonymous said…
Melissa -
I looked through the presentation. The timeline spreadsheet is not one of the presentation slides. Are you saying there is a link to the spreadsheet somewhere in the presentation?

-North End Mom
mirmac1 said…
Take a look at the "BEX IV Community Input" provided to the Board in the Friday Memo last week.

I don't know about you but NONE of my comments are reflected here. It would appear that everyone in West Seattle and online are hunky-dory with a South Lake Union school. Who is perverting this process and misleading the board?

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