Christie Admits Common Core Adoption in NJ was about Money

This just in - it's all about the Benjamins.  At least, it was to Governor Chris Christie about Common Core.
In an interview at CPAC with conservative show host Laura Ingraham, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) acknowledged why many governors likely adopted the unproven Common Core standards were dangled before them by the Obama administration: He signed onto them because his state needed the federal funds that would come in exchange for adopting the unpopular education reform.

Regrets?  He has a few:
“Implementation regrets,” he said. “Unlike other people who just get to talk about this stuff, we actually have to do it. Once you start to do it, what I’ve seen — the concerns that I have are significant — and I set a commission up that is now coming back to me with some recommendations, but my charge to them is that we have to keep government at the local level.”
Guess who is trying to now pander to parents and teachers?
“With education it is most important to have parents involved, there have to be teachers involved as a part of this process and it needs to be part of this process and will be I think as we move forward in New Jersey,” Christie added.
Wasn't this the guy who towered over a teacher at an event and bullied her?  Yes, it is.

And look what happened on Monday in New Jersey:
As Breitbart News reported Monday, the New Jersey Assembly voted 63-7 to delay the use of the tests aligned with the Common Core standards to evaluate teachers or students.

The only action he (Christie) has taken in his state, however, has been to order a commission to study student testing. At the end of January, the commission announced New Jersey schools could be testing students too often, and recommended that a research study be conducted to determine the extent of testing in the state.
Of course, this has to do with running for president and all the governor-presumed candidates who cannot run fast enough away from CC.  )Except for Jeb Bush who has his fingerprints all over public education and therefore really can't distance himself). 

How much this will mean in the election is hard to say but apparently - to Jindal, Christie and others - it means a lot.


Wake-Up said…
"He signed onto them because his state needed the federal funds that would come in exchange for adopting the unpopular education reform."

SBAC is tied to federal accountability standards. When will the feds start dangling test results/ dollars in front of states? What "reforms" will be necessary?

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