Middle School Social Studies Materials Available for Review

From SPS Communications:

Seattle Public Schools invites all families, staff and community members to review instructional materials under consideration for use in middle school social studies. This is the first of two rounds of review. Public input will help the Middle School Social Studies Adoption Committee narrow materials for the second review round. Public viewing of materials and feedback for the first round ends on Wednesday, April 15. Two options are available for review:
  1. Visit the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence during normal business hours to view the materials in person and fill out a feedback form. Materials are on display and forms are available in two locations: the School Board office on the first floor and the Professional Library on the second floor.

  2. Access the materials online. Click HERE for our adoption page, which provides links to PDFs with access instructions from three of the four vendors. The page also offers links to surveys  identical to the printed feedback forms available at the Stanford Center. These may be used to provide feedback for the online materials.
End of notice.

I'll have to ask why one vendor's materials are not available online. 


Anonymous said…
Interesting the differences in readability. I would hate to see struggling students lost in overly detailed and busy text, or for HCC kids to be bored or given busy work. Reading bits of the texts makes me think that we should have a simple general text, but with additional source material available for further study as needed.
Anonymous said…
Just curious, is there currently actually any curriculum or approved materials for middle school social studies? I don't have a problem with what my kids are learning, my 6th grader's notes seem pretty thorough, but I have never seen a textbook - they seem to have smaller books on the individual topics that are used only in the classroom (the teacher only has enough for one class at a time). They are doing world history & cultures, so ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, now just finishing China (not sure what come next), which is of course the state standard for 6th grade (world geography & ancient civilizations). Do other schools use textbooks?

Mom of 4
Anonymous said…
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