State Laws on Students and Social Media

 From Student Privacy Matters (I note there is nothing for Washington State):
Below are links to the laws enacted regarding student social media privacy.  Some states cover K-12 and post secondary and others only post secondary.  In general, these laws make it difficult for Pearson and schools to monitor online the students the laws cover.  You may want to provide this information to the list serve in case they want to review their state's law and/or advocate for coverage for K-12 students.  
The Illinois law was flawed because it allowed schools to request access to personal accounts so a new bill was recently introduced to fix the flaw that states a school needs a court order:
In 2015, the following states have introduced similar student privacy legislation:
(MD was the first to introduce this legislation in 2012; however, the usual suspects have killed the bill since 2012; it is too early to tell if if will succeed this year)


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for this, Melissa. Much appreciated.

Lynn said…
Ingraham Grad,

If that's you above, please take a moment to calm yourself. Treat others with the compassion and respect you hope to find online. Don't write things that you'll be ashamed of later.
I am surprised that person decided to not only call me out but attach a name to his/herself.

Note to that reader; we don't allow name-calling. Also, when you have lost the most important person in your life, you pretty much don't fear trolls or their sad threats.
Anonymous said…
My thoughts exactly, Lynn. That's who I figured it was, anyway. Only the IP address can say for sure though....

Anonymous said…
Melissa and Charlie, this blog is a great contribution to civic debate and democracy. A thousand thanks would never be enough. Kind of like Disneyland having a real horse drawn carriage, somebody has to walk behind with a shovel.

Lynn said…
mirmac commented recently that her child's school posts lists of students taking the HSPE by name. My kid's school does this too. So, if you want to know which juniors and seniors at Garfield have not yet managed to pass the HSPE, come on over and wander the halls.

This seems like the kind of thing that should not be allowed under FERPA. I'm going to ask the legal department about it.

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