Former SPS student seeks help

Hi Save Seattle Schools readers!

I am a Garfield graduate now attending Rice University in Houston, TX.  I am taking a class called"Black in Schools," which examines the history of and current state of education for black students in America.  For my final project in this class, I need to explore issues in black education through the personal experience of a single person--a student or educator.  For this project, I am interested in interviewing a student, teacher, or administrator from the now-defunct African American Academy. 

If there are any former AAA students or educators interested in talking to me about their experiences there—or if you know someone who would be—please contact me by phone at (206) 288-9051 or by email at

My initial research on the African American Academy leads me to think that it might provide a very interesting perspective on some of the issues we are studying in my course, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Joel Thompson
Garfield High School Class of 2013"


mirmac1 said…
Good luck Joel!
Anonymous said…
The former and final Principal of AAA is now at Mercer. He would ultimately be the best as he would have been there for why the school was closed.

I know of two former Teachers who are still in the district who actually opened the school but I am not comfortable giving their names without consent.

Contact the Principal at Mercer Middle School, Chris Carter.

- Info Person
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen her posts around here lately, and hope she is doing well, but Carol Simmons would be a great resource.

Also, DaZanne Porter/Davis and Mary Vester--if they are still in the SPS circuit. They were longtimers and are a wealth of information. I'm okay giving their names because it is public information. It would be up to them to say yes or no.

--enough already

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