Hey SE, Here's Your Chance to Talk about the SCBA and Opting Out

Join a discussion with southeast Seattle families and teachers

Standardized Testing and “Opting Out”: 
What are the impacts on our region’s diverse schools and students?

Hillman City Collaboratory
Seattle, WA Seattle 98118

Sponsored by parents from Dearborn Park, Hawthorne, Orca, Leschi, John Muir, Graham Hill, Concord and Beacon Hill Elementary Schools; Families of Color Seattle
Wayne Au: Wayne is a graduate of Garfield High School, a former Garfield social studies teacher, and future Seattle Public Schools parent. Currently Associate Professor at the School of Education Studies and Chair of the Campus Diversity Council at the UW Bothell, his research focuses on educational equity, high-stakes testing, curriculum theory, educational policy studies and social studies education.

Jesse Hagopian: Jesse is a graduate of Seattle Public Schools and current parent at Dearborn Park International School, teacher and Black Student Union co-advisor at Garfield High School, and editor of “More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High Stakes Testing”

The Opt Out Bus will be parked at our event! 

We will have an open discussion with:
  • Information on new tests required by the state and district this year
  • Effects of testing on our students, teachers and school
  • Reasons why growing numbers of parents are opting their children out of standardized testing, and how to opt out
Everyone is welcome! 
We are hoping to have an engaging and informative discussion with 
many viewpoints represented.

If you would like an interpreter or childcare, please contact
Rachel Eells at 206-372-4382 or eellsrr@gmail.com 


Anonymous said…
I've done Seattle leftie things for decades "join a discussion" usually means conscious awaring ... awarely being conscious ...

It does NOT mean:
- a page with links on WHY to do it,
- a page with HOW to do.

HOPEfullly this won't turn into Seattle 'activism' -- Big Thoughts On Big Ideas with Big Words and Big Sentences as people analyze activism, discuss activism, internalize activism, externalize activism ... culminating in put dots on chart paper activism.

Achieving little or nothing, other than insulting people with the requisite calls for Unity! and Solidarity! and Listen to Me!!


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