Saturday Funny on Trust and Student Data Privacy

Absolutely hilarious blog thread from a woman calling herself the "FERPA Sherpa" and saying she's for student data privacy about Pearson and their interception of a student's tweet on the PARCC test.

She says (bold mine):
Have we stopped to think if students care or, dare we say, expect it even? You see, as adults we can express our outrage over a multinational corporation monitoring students but are we speaking for students or for ourselves? Is this our outrage or the students?

K-12 students think differently. They expect to be watched by their teachers, parents, peers etc. but certainly do not expect companies monitoring social media to see who mentioned a test. And here is where it gets interesting. I asked some 5th grade students how they would feel if they posted something online and it became public information. They said that everything they do is seen by their parents and their parents are always posting things about them anyway. They expect someone to be looking at what they do all the time. So have we conditioned kids to expect to be monitored and tracked? Have we unconsciously blurred the lines between private and public for kids so much that they expect to be watched all the time? We have created an atmosphere of mistrust because we don’t trust the education and technology sector.
WE created this mistrust? Or was that Pearson and Bill Gates and InBloom?


Unknown said…
It's nothing to wonder. We use social media to show our private life and nobody guarantees it'll be top secret. I can't make anyone Trust my Paper even if it's popular in social media. People got used to share in SM.
Paper Writer said…
Thank you for reflecting on this topical issue. At this age, young people are such maximalists. They think that the whole world is on their palms. And that's fine. Children need help, but many adults confuse it with control. Do not limit the opportunities for young people.
mrhayesalex said…
We use social media to show our private life and sometimes it can do life to us only on the advantage
The younger generation now very modern and they consider that the whole world at their feet. If we want to improve it, you can visit . These professional writers can help young people to write some slogans for their meeting
rate my paper said…
Hello! Thank you for this post!
Wendy McCormick said…
Thank you for reflecting on this topical issue.

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