Schmitz Park Stands with Nathan Hale High School

Sent March 5

Dear Principal Hudson and the Nathan Hale Senate:

We, the undersigned teachers of Schmitz Park, join with the Nathan Hale Senate in its concerns over the validity, reliability, and equity of SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) including the questionable cut score strategy.  Like the Nathan Hale Senate, we are also concerned with the loss of instructional time devoted to this questionable test.  We stand with you in asserting a commitment to a judicious use of valid, reliable, and equitable assessments.  We urge parents to inform themselves about the tests their children are taking and the validity of those tests.

Thank you for putting students first.

(signed by the majority of teachers at Schmitz Park)


Anonymous said…
Are they boycotting? Or just concerned? Will they be taking a stand?
-stand up
Anonymous said…
It seems to me that they are very concerned, for reasons that they state; they have clearly taken a stand; that stand is boycotting.


Anonymous said…
Pardon me, I meant to say "that stand is very keenly encouraging parents to boycott."

Parents, we have the power!

Anonymous said…
The letter is dated Friday. That explains the late Friday SPS blitz of phone calls + emails pushing the SBAC down parents' throats and making it sound it is dire if they don't have the kids take the test.

Noticed in SPS talk it isn't "opt-out." It's "refuse". We're not 2 year olds SPS. Parents and teachers can and do question dubious mandates.

What school has the cojones to issue the next letter?

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
They should"offer" SBAC after school... for everyone who wants to "opt in". And, possibly provide transportation for those who qualify.


HopingDominoEffect said…

A Seattle Public School parent piloted SBAC. Worth reading:
Anonymous said…
Everyone, please attend Seattle Opt Out Group's next meeting, with two dynamic speakers, Jesse Hagopian and Fred Hamel. We will discuss high stakes testing, what is happening in Seattle, how to refuse the tests (and why), and much more. Everyone is welcome!

March 12 (Thursday)
Southwest Library

event info (and more) at:


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