Education Funding Town Hall Tomorrow at Hale

Education Funding Town Hall
with State Legislators from Districts 36, 43 and 46
Nathan Hale High School Gymnasium
10750 30th Ave. NE

Saturday, March 21st from 10am-11:30 am

I'm think there could be a variety of education topics including SBAC (given it's at Hale). As well, if David Frockt shows up from the 46th that could be interesting given his support of the Senate bill that includes test scores for teacher evaluations. 

I also note that in the Feb. 2015 edition of the Hale student newspaper, The Sentinel, principal Jill Hudson is quoted in a story about SBAC for 11th graders:
I don't think we should demoralize our students by giving them a test where the test makers have already decided that 60-70% of our students are going to fail."
I won't debate this issue of whether the test makers meant "fail" rather than not pass but I give Principal Hudson credit for speaking out.

Also in the newspaper, a student speaks out about "honors" in classes and a back-and-forth about Disney princesses which is a scream.


Anonymous said…
Melissa, I sent an email with David Frockt's reasons for voting yes on the bill. I am not sure if you are checking email or not. It is quite long.

Did you send it to

I don't see any e-mail with this info.
GiveEmHell said…
If Kohl-Welles, Frocket and Pederson show-up--give them hell for voting to link test scores to teacher evaluations.

They will give you a song and dance about Nyland testifying in favor of this bill, loosing funding and arguing local control.

Linking test scores to teacher evaluations is not supported by the American Statistical Association and results in our children being overtested- MAP, Amplify and the odious SBAC.

Legislators should be smart enough to vote on statistically sound pieces of legislation.

You may want to ask why transportation might be funded at $15B and we're seeing money going towards early learning when K-12 hasn't been funded.
Anonymous said…
The only good princess is the Paper Bag Princess.
(Written by Robert Munsch)


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