Opting Out of SBAC - Info in Spanish

Opt-out information in Spanish (thanks to a Spanish-speaking parent).   Please share with others.


mirmac1 said…
We've asked that SPS build a Parent Education Page that had videos and links to topics like:

SpEd policies and procedures;
School budgets 101;
MTSS and SIT teams;
SBAC and standardized testing, etc

I would also encourage them to look at the use of a mobile app. I suspect that more families may have a smartphone versus a computer.

The matter of translation is always an issue, but there are sites that offer information in other languages, that the district should provide links to.
Ann D said…
NPR had a story on today about an app called Help Me that was designed to help Syrian refugees living in Turkey to be able to function. It made me think that someone should make such an app for Seattle Schools given all the undocumented nuances and idiosyncratic be autocratic dealings of the district.


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