Read Across America Day, Yay!

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Anonymous said…
The Washington Post ran a story about schools cancelling Dr. Seuss celebrations in lieu of PARCC testing.


Seriously? Every single thing is now to be tied to Common Core?
seattle citizen said…
Won't you take this test today?
It really is the only way!

I won't, I can't, Arne Duncan!
Your test mania is overdone.

Won't you take it, do as I say?
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April, May?
Won't you take it all next year?
Take it K-12, through college, dear!

I will not test, Arne Duncan!
SBAC, PAARC...from them I run.

Test in the book-lined library!
Test under the old Mulberry!
Test instead of discovery!
Test because of our bribery!

Go far away, Arne Duncan!
Grab Bill Gates and run, run, run!
I will not test, Arne Duncan:
Your mania makes school no fun.

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