Central Area Fun for All Tomorrow

Imagine the freedom of riding your bike, walking, or rolling down the street with family, friends and neighbors car-free and care free! This summer, you can explore the Central District via a 7 mile route while experiencing neighborhood parks full of fun activities like the Central District Block Party!

This is Seattle Summer Parkways. Saturday September 12, 2015, Central District 11 am-3 pm. This free community event allows you to experience streets and open space in a healthy, active way. Get on your bikes and just cruise the route, join the Zumba class that is dancing in that park nearby, zip around on your roller skates or bring all the kids our and have super fun with chalk and games!

Seattle Summer Parkways will give you the chance to test out new or planned bike ways that link together city parks, community centers, and other community spaces. At parks along the route, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Cascade Bicycle Club and many other organizations will host activities, events, and live music. Get out and explore your city, meet your neighbors and cruise carefree. 


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