Thank you, Readers

This blog started in May 2006.  It was started by parent Beth Bakeman who was worried about her children's school appearing on the possible closure list during the period of time when the district had determined it was necessary to close schools.  (Her children's school fell off that list and Beth determined that while she couldn't carry on the blog, it should carry on without her because of its reach.  She turned to Charlie Mas, myself and a few others to carry the torch. ) I am always grateful to Beth for getting this thing rolling.

Last week we passed over 7,500,000 views.  That's a lot of views.

I thank everyone who tells a friend or colleague about the blog.  And, of course, I thank our longtime loyal readers who have stuck with us. 


Anonymous said…
How would we know anything if it weren't for the blog? Chatting with another parent at the car wash yesterday about the blog... The info we can sift through on the blog with all the various postings gives us a lot more info to be able to form our own opinions.
Carol Simmons said…
I totally agree with NEmom. The information posted about School District and Educational issues is invaluable. I wish there were no personal attacks made though.

Thank you Beth, Melissa, Charlie and all of you who post.
SPS Mom said…
Thank you, Melissa, Charlie and others. This is truly the best source to hear what is happening in the district and makes us a stronger community of parents. Thank you for your time, your thoughtfulness and your dedication.
seattle citizen said…
Congratulations! Almost ten years, and covering such a wide range of important topics...Thank you to all involved in continuing to offer this forum for the people of Seattle to learn about and discuss our public schools. Well done.
Watching said…
Thank you, Melissa.

You've created a historical document and a forum for important discussions that wouldn't be covered in main stream media.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for more focus on SPED. I feel come Nov we are going to see a much needed focus by the board on the issues facing students with different learning styles.

I'm with Carol on stopping the attacks. Those kind of post only aid in reenforcing the "angry nasty SPED" label so many people love to use. I still believe in tough discussions, but when members of a group air their dirty laundry in public, well that only hurts the cause.

So please, lets keep our egos in check or we might lose this chance.

New board
Greg said…
Thank you Melissa. Really appreciate all the work you do. This blog is an important resource for parents in Seattle. Thank you.
Benjamin Leis said…
Congratulations, this has been a great resource. (By coincidence We just passed 1 million over on discussapp)
NW mom said…
Thank you Melissa! Your dedication is so admirable. I appreciate all your hard work over these many years.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this blog! I've been a fan since running into someone from the blog, probably Melissa, during a school meeting in 2008, when I was trying to figure out why my U-district kindergartner was being sent to John Rogers Elementary. I'm always happy to see the bigger picture, hear different opinions, and also to know that I'm not alone.

different NE mom
Anonymous said…
I have been reading this blog forever, before my children were of school age. It informs me of much of what I know about education in this country. The blog is my main source of news in Seattle. I think the blog has enormous impact on many and that it has immeasurable reach.

I keep my fingers crossed that what is a labor of love for our Melissa remains rewarding enough that the blog stays forever. I keep wondering if there's anything we can do to help -- and if there is, please ask!

Jamie said…
I found this blog many years ago when my kid's elementary principal had been arrested and I googled him - ended up here and have been reading ever since. Thank you Melissa (and Charlie) for all you do. If not for this blog I would be woefully ignorant of SPS issues, and indeed national education issues. I'm with zb that I hope this blog stays active for a long long time.
Anonymous said…
Ps -- the "our Melissa" was a typo. Though it do sometimes feel like I know you, no possessive was intended. Important to me because sometimes people take on an immense responsibility and then others expect it as a right. I regard this blog as a gift and hope that you give only so long as it makes you happy.

chunga said…
The numbers reflect the immense value this blog provides! Thanks so much to Melissa, Charlie, and other contributors - and to the readers who comment!
Allen jeley said…
parent Beth Bakeman i really thankful to you because you give us a lot info about school education and you also sharing this important topic how to a good student fell about his school study thanks for sharing this post reading response questions .

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