How Seattle Schools Used to Teach

 Found these at the Seattle Public Library's book sale.  You'll see that a couple are from Seattle Schools (from 1943 and 1955) plus the treasure that is the 1906 Chief Sealth High School Yearbook.  (I will likely gift the yearbook.)


dan dempsey said…
I used a 1946 Algebra book by Hart when teaching in the late 1960s. It was awesome. Example based instruction clearly laid out with excellent problem sets. Gave my students an excellent math foundation and some became highly skilled in college and beyond.
[Architect, Electrical Engineer, CPA, pilot, math teacher etc.]

Be on the look out for old math books.
seattle citizen said…
Great finds! Thanks for donating CHS yearbook, they'll love it.

On a side note, reminds me somehow about Sherman Alexie's story about finding his mother's name in a reservation school textbook, and realizing then that he had to get out. Inequities everywhere.....
seattle citizen said…
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Anonymous said…
SC right on with the Sherman Alexie book situation.

He was on the Rez going to school when he got his mom's book. He then transferred to Reardan HS about 30 miles west of Spokane. That is where all the ranch and farm kids were in school.

Reardan High School "Indians"... Sherman Alexie said that he was the only Indian there.

-- Dan Dempsey
seattle citizen said…
And he had much newer textbooks. *sigh*
But that isn't important, right? A GOOD teacher can just do wonders! Regardless of everything else! Gates and Duncan tell us this!

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