Reminder: First Special Education PTSA Meeting Tonight

The Seattle Special Education PTSA will hold its first general meeting of the year on Monday, September 28th from 7pm to 9pm at the John Stanford Center, 2445 3rd Ave S.
Our guests this evening include Superintendent Larry Nyland (tentative) and Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Michael Tolley. Executive Director of Special Education Wyeth Jessee will also attend with a few of his lead staff.


Anonymous said…
I had reservations about attending the SPED meeting, because they can be sooo depressing, but I think it went very well and I was happy to see a few of the board candidates there along with Nyland, Tolley and Jesse. Kudos to the new SPED PTSA board for arranging the attendance of,

Rick Burke
Leslie Harris
Michael Christopherson
Laura Gramer

All the candidates identified themselves as such, except for Christopherson, It appears he was there as just "Michael" a parent and asked questions around IDEA compliance, the new ADA compliance office and the new professional development plan for special education.

Harris talked about having better communications and the use of the web-site to assist in that.

I can't remember Burke or Gramer asking any questions of Nyland, Jesse or Tolley and Burke left mid-meeting which was disappointing.

Attendance was obviously political pandering by candidates and I don't remember any of that in 2013, but regardless of intent it could be a good thing.

I was also seated very close to Christopherson and notice Jesse made a bee-line straight to him once he noticed Christopherson was seated in the room. They talked about the some sort of training with the UW, my guess is they were talking about the professional development plan that's in the works. It was hard to tell if they are working on something together or not, but they seemed very friendly.

Motivations aside, any attention SPED gets in this election should help.

Hale Parent

Anonymous said…
Re posting here from another thread, because of it's relevance to this post.

From the Seattle Times,

Pinkham - "doesn't present a compelling case on how he would move the district forward."

You would think when you have an important interview, one would prepare.

I get the feeling Pinkham thinks he just has to show-up and repeat the same lines and that's good enough. Why didn't Pinkham attend the first SPED PTSA meeting of 2015-2016? Why isn't Pinkham running a campaign website?

Given the seriousness of the situation with SPED and the fact that Nyland, Tolley and Jesse where guest speakers, you would think all the candidates would recognize the importance of the meeting. Not to attend is unacceptable and disrespectful.

I've asked the district for copies of public records request by all the candidates, we will see who's really interested in change and who's just pandering to the public.

PK "

I totally agree that Pinkham should have attended, but why give Geary ,McGuire and Harris a free pass?

Hale Parent
Leslie said…
Hale parent,

Leslie Harris here.

I don't undesrstand the last comment about "Harris --- free pass".

I attended this meeting, as I do many many others, including countless Board and committee and PTSA and community meetings to listen and learn.

My concern is that the question I asked about the recently approved $500k SpED contract passed Weds night together with the increased hiring @ JSC and no add'l SpED employees in the schools and raised ratios in SpED via the CBA was not addressed, nor was the question about how the $835k budget to address no elementary school suspensions is for.

I'm a big girl and have asked to run for the SPS Board, as have other candidates, but would hugely appreciate understanding of folks that have put themselves out also have families, other committments, and indeed, many times several meetings, events and/or forums to attend - many on the same day/evening. I would not presume to know what is on other campaigners' plates - nor would I presume to judge them - certainly not without asking them - individually.

This is a citywide campaign and it's all important.

Cordially, Leslie

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