Looking for Photos of Seattle Schools Students

I'm looking for any parents willing to post photos of their Seattle Schools student (with first name and school).  I'd like to post them here and tweet them.


Because the charter supporters are posting photos of sad charter students (who have been at their schools three weeks and they are schools with no history i.e. their siblings never attended) and how sad they are that their school might not go on.

Once again, I appreciate the difficulties this ruling has brought upon charter families and their staffs.  (I have little sympathy for charter organizers and charter boards - they knew full well this could happen.)  Of course, it's hard to regroup to a possibly new school and explain that to your child.

But the reality is that there are about 1,000 charter school students in the state.  There are a million public school students in the state.
Those million?  They have been waiting on fully-funded schools for years and years.  Sped students?  Still waiting for their needs to be met.

On balance, a thousand kids who have been in their schools three weeks does not pencil out against a million kids.  I cannot understand the myopic thought process that would put one small group of students against the majority of them and believe that small group deserves public ed dollars more than the majority.

Because that's what it looks like they are saying.

I would like to show the faces of students in SPS who are waiting as well.  They deserve to have their individual stories told.

I'm at sss.westbrook@gmail.com.

Update: tweets from WA Charter Schools Assn. and charter schools

Left : Soar Academy - right: Soar Academy  Center: not sure   Bottom: Excel

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Maureen said…
Should they look sad? Or are you just looking for school activity sorts of shots?
I leave that up to parents. I think just a normal shot of your school-aged child.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, this is very creepy request. Link about it.

SPS parent.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I agree. Please post the link about it.

Sorry, do you mean the charter supporters photos of charter school students?

I'm not sure I find it creepy but it's also not appropriate to their issue. I would like to counter that with the hundreds of thousands of real public school students waiting for their money under McCleary.
Anonymous said…
Do you have permission to use those children for your personal gain. Where did you get those photos and why would you exploit children. I don't care what your reasoning is, it's wrong!

Just because another group is doing it doesn't make it right for you to follow in their steps.

I have no "personal" gain. They were part of Facebook and Tweets send out (with permission of parents) by these groups to probably hundreds of thousands of people. Please.
Anonymous said…
I see you removed the photos, good move.

I didn't remove them. Still there.

Again, posted by parents/permission of parents and tweeted/Facebooked out to hundreds of thousands of people.
Anonymous said…
I can't provide a happy picture of my student because she's pissed, and not with her teachers.

We support teachers but this is completely preventable. The charter ruling and now this. Isn't Linda Whitehead involved with First Place Scholars? She was the reason for the Marysville strike. Depending on how things go, you'll have photo ops with students and parents on the picket lines, just like Marysville.

Linda and Larry have a lot to talk about.


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