Thursday, September 10, 2015

How Governor Candidates Stack up on K-12

Interesting chart from Education Week (it includes the both Dem former governor candidates, Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O'Malley) who appear to have done better than their Republican counterparts.

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Patrick said...

If I don't believe standardized tests are a good way to evaluate teachers, why would I believe they're a good way to evaluate governors?

dan dempsey said...

Patrick asked about testing and Gov evaluation versus teacher evaluation.

#1 .. sample size ( Classroom size not adequate for teacher eval but all students in state way more than adequate for Governor eval)

How much control does a Gov. have on Education in a state? All depends on his ability to influence other decision-makers. If Gov can influence decision-makers and resulting changes have a positive effect over a particular time period, then maybe some would conclude this could be used in the evaluation of the Gov.

Jeb Bush could make a case that Florida improved under his leadership ... lowered class sizes and required reading skills to advance to grade 4.

Massachusetts enacted legislation to improve teacher quality, along with other improvements that led to much better student performance -- but should a Gov take credit?

Who knows what might occur in WA if McCleary is fully implemented. If great things occurred and Gov. Inslee was re-elected could he argue that Education gains happened because of his leadership? (( What politician could pass that up?? ))

Eric B said...

I'm mostly with Patrick, although I have a small fantasy of asking a highly pro-testing candidate why we shouldn't knock his leadership when test scores went down on his tenure. After all, if they're good enough to evaluate teachers, aren't they good enough to evaluate governors? It'll never happen, but a man can dream.