Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Strike Updates

There's a mediator and hopefully, both sides are talking thru this person.  Cross your fingers.

There are still many schools that need support from parents and community.  Check out the list at Soup for Teachers.  They now have over 1600 members.  I myself walked over to the Roosevelt teachers and told them they were welcome to come and use my bathroom anytime today. 

A Parent Petition about what parents want from the contract.  They have over 4500 signatures.

From the West Seattle blog:
If the Seattle Public Schools teacher strike continues through the end of the week, please join West Seattle educators and families on Friday afternoon from 12:30-3:00 for an Alki Beach Read-In after a morning of community service in honor of September 11th (check with educators from individual schools for project specifics). ALL families are welcome! We are coordinating with multiple schools for this event and hope to have a great turnout.

Please bring your books, blankets, and back-to-school momentum! Meet near the Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach. Let’s spend the afternoon reading together as we show that we ALL want to be back in school.

Wear red – see you there!

You’re encouraged to RSVP so organizers have an idea of how many people to expect – you can do that here.

32nd Democrats
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization (LDDO) stands in support of SEA contract proposals and also acknowledges appreciation of School Board Director Sue Peters’ opposition to Superintendent Nyland’s legal threat against Seattle educators; and

THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the 32nd LDDO urges the Seattle School Board to agree to the SEA contract proposals.

Olympic View
Olympic View - S.E.A. teachers and staff will be holding a food drive on Friday, September 11 from 9:30-3:30 at the following locations
Store Locations:
Safeway: 7300 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98115
QFC: 11100 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98125
Fred Meyer: 13000 Lake City Way NE, Seattle 98125

Please come support our teachers. The food collected during this drive will be donated to the local food banks that serve families in our community.

Good article on the strike from Common Dreams.

Teachers are meeting to discuss Saturday's Playground Work Day.
The school district will not allow the the teachers to assist on the work day. If they work, they will be told to stop and could face punishment.
The teachers agreed to show up and stay on public property with water for parent volunteers.

Dancing Highland Park Teachers ( who will be at the Salvation Army tomorrow for public service).


Jet City mom said...

I was surprised to hear the schools were holding sports practices as usual.
Or was that only Nathan Hale?
Arent coaches generally represented by SEA, especially if they are also a teacher or counselor?
What happended to solidarity, or is football more important?

Anonymous said...

Coaches are not represented by SEA as to their coaching position. Those are separate, year to year contracts not part of the CBA. Coaches also employed as teachers are represented by SEA and part of the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) as to their teaching position. Separately, and not to get off topic, but please remember that high school sports teams are not just about football. Athletes involved in numerous other fall sports have been working out all summer in preparation for their fall season.

Lawyer Mom

Jet City mom said...

I do see that Seattle says it doesnt matter if you cross the picket line unlike other strikes like in Chicago.
I didnt realize organized sports was more important to this community than education or educators.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Jet City Mom, it's all sports. Don't you know sports trumps everything? The SEA is down with this action.

mirmac1 said...

SEA released this last night:

Strike Fund Information

Contributions can be made by check to SEA Strike Fund. Please mail or hand deliver to 5501 4th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98108

Anonymous said...

You might consider whether, at a time when we need parents and teachers to be holding together as a united community, it serves a purpose to divide that group into those who do not support the concept of high school sports and those who do.

Lawyer Mom