School Board Candidates and the Teachers Strike

This is a thread for any and all School Board candidates who would like to make a statement about the strike. Please e-mail me at with your statement (which I will print in full with no edits).  Or, put your statement in the Comments section.

I myself would not necessarily hold it against any candidate who does not make a statement; that's their choice during an election. But I will offer this opportunity.

Jill Geary said this on Facebook:

I have been getting inquiries as to whether I support our teachers and how I would have vote as a school board member. Of course, I do not currently sit on the board, and am not privy to all the information - but, from what I know of the issues and my personal beliefs, I could not see voting yes to bring legal action against our teachers. The parents I have heard from want our teachers supported and are willing to make sacrifices to see they are treated fairly as they stand up for our kids!!! As a school board representative, I would see it as my job to bring Seattle's families' voices to the table.

Leslie on right w/Chief Sealth teachers
I also note that both Geary and Leslie Harris have been walking and supporting teachers in their respective districts.

Food Geary bought at Costco for teachers.


Anonymous said…
So... I don't know if this got lost in the mix/noise, but I have been watching this post, Melissa, and wondering if Rick Burke would say anything. Bit disappointed not to have heard anything from him, as I've liked his spiel so far.


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