Want to Know More About SPS Teacher Pay?

A former teacher has compiled so much data, she created a blog for called:

SPS Salary Info for Contract Negotiations 

Unfortunately, I don't know who this person is (see bio at end) but the material (and tone) is such that I believe this is another Meg Diaz-type person who likes being in the weeds.

I present it for public information purposes but ask that if you see flaws/enhancements, etc. that you add them.  The first sentence below is indicative of the issue before us in how BOTH the district and the SEA have not clearly stated their salary issues.

ALL of this is publicly available information, but it's not presented in an understandable form anywhere.

There are some additional minor "quirks" of calculating the salary tables, but I do not currently have the information to add those (TRI actually breaks down further into time (per diem) and responsibility). Based on the accuracy of the results I got from using these formulas to re-calculate the 2014-2015 salary schedule, I believe they have little to no effect on such short-term projections.

None of the salary schedules take into account rising health care deductions, which have reduced teachers' take home pay over the years. Small yearly adjustments to TRI in lieu of nonexistent COLA increases have not kept teachers' take home pay from going backwards. It also doesn't change the fact that the contract often does not protect teachers from having more and more duties pushed on them over time, resulting in doing more work for the same (or less) money. This also means teachers have to spend even more time outside their normal workday prepping and doing all the "little things" they don't have time for anymore during the day.

About me: I am a parent of one graduate of SPS and one current student. I have a Master's Degree in education and teaching certification from another state. (I am not teaching currently.) Transparency is very important to me when it comes to our public institutions. I have pretty darn good math and Excel skillz, and the tenacity to chase down and make this info available. 


Watching said…
IMO bOTH the district and the SEA have not clearly stated costs associated with proposals.

SPS received $37M from the state and I'm not able to find those dollars. We're seeing proposals for enhancements and I'm not seeing a break down of these costs.

I'm on a search for key financial documents, as well.

It is worth noting: Within the past three years, the cost of operating the district has increased by $115M.
Anonymous said…
I thought this was a relevant article about the Teacher Shortage issue http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/after-years-of-cuts-school-districts-face-teacher-shortages/ar-AAegxK8

That is a good thing is that on Friday I passed the first test to getting my license in another state and two more to go.

I called my union on Friday and was told to go to DSHS for help. I think the Post office to get the process started is a better decision.

It may not be better elsewhere (as let's get real Teaching is the nations whipping boy) but it won't be here. After 20 plus years I have seen and heard it all and it has never gotten better frankly, but I can assure you I have seen pockets of greatness and those inspire me every day. So to those in those schools and those kids really it is the kids for whom I am grateful. Apple and tree clearly are well loved.

But to the great parents and the few brave Teachers that actually put their name out there (I wouldn't as again this is a vindictive district) you are greatly appreciated.

If anything came out of this strike for me was knowing that some of my observations were not singular and I am not as alone as I thought. So thank you.

Off to the Post Office and then apparently to DSHS. This should be interesting.

- SPS Ignored Staff

Anonymous said…
Teacher shortage per NPR. CA is hurting. States which laid off teachers during the recession are now finding it harder to find teachers as their economies rebound because teachers moved onto richer pasture or other career.


OTOH, my source tells me Fairfax county, VA is hiring. Arlington too, but competition is tighter with better pay.


Anonymous said…
This is great. Can the individual who prepared this email me at teacherpaymodels@yahoo.com?

I have been crunching through this data too and am trying to build similar tools to model past pay and benefits issues to both for teacher use and public analysis. I have the same issue with perfectly locking down the TRI pay beyond the factors (the per diem issue may be it and I have emails out requesting clarification already).


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