Tweets from District Press Conference on Teacher Contract Negotiations

From KPLU's Kyle Stokes:

“A contract that is not fiscally sound will hurt” our district, says spokeswoman 
(note: that would be Stacy Howard).

At this point, there is no timeline for legal action says spokeswoman Stacy Howard.

In two years, our district needs to start offering more credits to HS students.”  (probably from Ballard principal on negotiating team)

District proposal on pay increases: Year 1: 2.0% Year 2: 3.2% Year 3: 4.0% for teachers, 3.75% for classified staff. 

Last night, negotiators say team walked away from table right after district left them alone with a counteroffer.

The negotiators say they found out had walked out when they saw they had walked down to board room …where press had assembled.

 I'll be interested to see what the SEA has to say.  I'd be willing to bet the SEA did not just walk away from the table without looking at the offer.  They probably looked at it and THEN walked.

Good background article at The Slog with a big shout-out to Director Sue Peters.

Some of asked if it might not be better to picket the district - here's one parent's thought from the Soup for Teachers Facebook page:

"Seattle parents, let's put some pressure on the district to help resolve the strike. I'm taking my kids down to the school district offices tomorrow for a play-in in the hallways. If a lot of families show up, we'd make a real impact. Can you come? 10am to noon, John Stanford Center For Excellence. PLEASE share this message to help spread the word.

It will be interesting to see if the district allows this.  I think they would probably make parents and kids stay outside so bring a blanket and some games and sit on the grass outside.


Po3 said…
"District proposal on pay increases: Year 1: 2.0% Year 2: 3.2% Year 3: 4.0% for teachers, 3.75% for classified staff."

What is the union asking for per year over the three years?
Anonymous said…
I would advise NOT going to a "play-in" at the Stanford Center. Maybe a play on the lawn though. New families are going there to register for school and the lobby is packed.

Also, the union's ask over 3 years is 6%, 6%, and 6%. That is the latest I have heard.

Patrick said…
Why do reporters keep saying this is the first strike in 30 years? What was the one-day walkout on May 19?
seattle citizen said…
A walkout. This is a strike over the CBA, the contract.
Greg said…
Dan, that Yahoo story is actually Associated Press, which is even better. ABC News picked it up already, others probably will soon too. National coverage!
Greg said…
More national coverage from Gawker.
Anonymous said…
I believe that whatever the Union Ask is on compensation increases, that they are asking for an increase in the 20% or so of the total teachers salary that the District supplements. The state sets base wages for all districts (it's the same) and districts have no control over that. Districts supplement the base salary with what they call TRI pay. It is my understanding that the increases would be in TRI pay. Soooo, if I haave this right, 6% of 20% is only 1.2% per year.

Can anyone confirm / correct this? This really should be communicated better! Also, could use examples: a teacher who gets 50,000 per year now....what would they receive given the various scenarios.

Asking about the ask
Unknown said…
"Teacher," can you tell us where the "lawn" is at JSCEE? I have been there often and I have no memory of LAWN . Are you suggesting the kids sit in the parking lot? On the train tracks? Maybe there is a 4th or 5th dimension I don't know about?

Let's call me:

Adifferentteacher said…
There is a lawn on the Lander St. side of the building.

Watching said…

SEA rejected the district's proposal to eliminate Creative Approach Schools.(!)

Shouldn't this be a board decision?
I can't believe the district would do this without telling parents first.

This is why I don't trust the district.

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