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I received a link to the robocall that the Superintendent sent out about the levy. I don't particularly have a problem except that it's not the Operations Levy; we had that in February. This is a supplemental operations levy. There is a difference but the Superintendent is hoping you won't notice.

She also talked about the upcoming meetings about the NSAP. She said info has gone out to schools and PTAs. Did anyone receive anything from either source on Friday? Was it posted in your school? Website? Kid mail?

(I did a quick spot check and found one high school - Center - had it on its webpage. Only Hamilton had it (and they didn't mention the NSAP so it wasn't clear what it was about). For K-8, I found South Shore had a complete listing with explanation. I couldn't find one elementary that had the info. So I am hoping it went home in kid mail or is hanging up at school. (Eckstein and Wedgwood already have their 2011 tour dates up - fast work.)

But what really was annoying is that she said the drop-in meetings started November 29th (and they started yesterday October 29). No one on staff caught this? She didn't play it back, listen, and look at the script as she did? And, they had to correct the dates for the Regional meetings at the News and Calendar page.

These meetings are probably some of the most important ones for all parents that this district will have this year. Please, if you don't see visible info, go to your principal and/or PTA Board and ask that it get out ASAP.


SP said…
from The School Beat
Oct. 29, 2010

Superintendent's Corner
Please vote on Nov. 2; operations levy on ballot
There are many important measures on the Nov. 2 ballot, including a Seattle Public Schools operations levy. Please remember to postmark your ballot by Nov. 2.


Nope- No NSAP info home from the 2 schools I get info from, nor from the PTSA's either.
BigB said…
JSIS had an all school email sent out Friday AM -- thanks to the PTSA and alert parents -- about the upcoming meetings. There was a follow on email in the afternoon after it was learned they had rescheduled the NW regional meeting due to a scheduling conflict. As it turns out, the NW regional meeting was scheduled the same night as the SPS International Arts Auction (not sure how they missed that on their own calendar). To their credit, they rescheduled the meeting after parents brought it to their attention.

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