Support Family Support Workers

I'm in a mad dash out the door so we can have a longer, more informed discussion on this topic of Family Support Workers versus School Counselors. But over at the Stranger Slog the topic has come up because of the upcoming Families and Education levy next fall.

Please, if you do have an informed opinion, please write in at the Slog and/or let the City know what you think. This is the City's money and not the district's. I think this is a good place where parents, as City voters, get to weigh in heavily.


Dorothy Neville said…
Please read the PDF that the Slog links to -- an executive summary of the Families and Education levy.

Read the last bit, where FSW are obviously FAILURES because test scores aren't improving. So FSW are the cause of the growing gap? And now the MAP test is going to help?! They want K2 MAP scores to drive Families and Education Levy funds! Outrageous! And heartbreaking, especially since so many have posted here how K2 MAP for kids not familiar with computers is about the least reliable thing ever.
SolvayGirl said…
The FSW at my daughter's elementary (60% FRL) was far too busy finding food, clothing, furniture (beds in particular), baby supplies, etc.—and in some cases housing—for the families in need to be concerned with individual kids' academic needs. Isn't that what the teachers are for?
Dorothy Neville said…
See this article about homeless kids in Seattle and WA State and see why FSW are crucial.

Note that the intervention Spokane did for homeless teens mirrors the Everett model of hiring paraprofessionals to work with teens at risk of dropping out. Compare that to the Seattle model of cutting basic services and increasing Strategic Initiatives.

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