From the Rally

So Hec Ed is starting to fill up. It's a much smaller venue than Key Arena so it feels more intimate.

- saw someone go by in the hall with a UW jersey with OBAMA on the back
- saw kids from Juanita High who said their school allowed them to miss school for the event with their parents permission
- a LOT of young people (but you would expect that with it being at UW)
- saw Suzan DelBene (running against Dave Reichert)

10:30 am

- the crowd did the wave three times, fun

- the White House was streaming the backyard meeting live

- the always entertaining Total Experience Gospel Choir just sang "God Bless America", Lean on Me


-practice the Patty cheer
- UW Student Body president tells the crowd that UW was recently ranked 23rd in the world

Now we're getting somewhere, here's Dow Constantine. Followed by Suzan DelBene (okay speaker), Jay Inslee (great speaker but holy cow, you have to be a Husky to get elected in this state, lot of good things about UW - said he was going to propose a three strikes and you're out bill), here's Norm Dicks.

Final Update:

Murray and Obama came out together, just deafening. Patty spoke first and told the moving story of how her father had contracted MS while she was in high school but her parents worked hard and all seven of their children went to college. (Big cheer for the sister who is the mom at home, the middle school teacher sister and the firefighter brother.)

Naturally, Obama got the loudest cheers. You can only hope that he continues to inspire and energize young people to be active in public life. He talked about how other countries are playing for first in education and we should be as well. He also said he wanted to make a $10k college tax credit permanent.

He also said that it's important to stay involved and not get discouraged and don't let anyone tell you that working hard for what you believe in is not worth it.


Eric M said…
This teacher ain't voting for him. I refuse.
seattle said…
Obama's motorcade drove by Eckstein this morning and the teachers let all of the students out onto the front lawn to wave as he passed. My son got some great pic's !
GreyWatch said…
Go Eckstein! I do have to ask myself if I wouldn't have been annoyed if they had done the same for W. I hope I would have been Mom enough to support it.

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