Yay for Ballard High!

From the My Ballard blog:

Congratulations to Ballard High School students in the Video Production Program for winning the 34th Annual Young People’s Film & Video Festival. More than 150 entries were submitted from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Alaska. Among the 16 chosen were: the short dramas Reflection (by Sheridan Koehler & Blair Scott) and Signs (by Rikke Heinecke, Lizzy O’Laughlin & Tony Meyer) as well as the documentaries Bar Ink (by Robyn Cochrane, Spencer Miller, Georgia Peck & Justin Smith-Mercado) and Henry (by Amelia Elizalde, Levi Friedman, Sean Hendricks & Sheridan Koehler).

Ballard's video production by its students just gets stronger and stronger. Great!


seattle said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
This is such terrific news! Thanks for posting.
peonypower said…
that program rocks- and another subject area that cannot be tested by the MAP test.
Stu said…
Hmm . . . too successful. MGJ's going to want to get rid of that program soon.

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