President Obama Coming to Seattle

FYI, President Obama will be in Seattle at UW on October 21st in support of Senator Patty Murray. The event is at noon at Hec Ed Pavillion. Registration begins at nine.

I attended his campaign event at Key Arena and it was packed. I have no doubt this one will be as well.

Heads up if you work at or around UW.


Aunty Broad said…
I have never voted Republican anything. I usually vote for Democrats. I voted for Obama once.

Not again.

He's done terrible, stupid, awful things to teachers and public education.

For shame, Barry, for shame.
peonypower said…
I have voted in every election since I was 18, and I was born into a politically active southern democrat family. I wish I could have 10 minutes to talk to Obama about what his education plans are doing to schools, students, and teachers and offer some suggestions about what would actually help our school system.

He has lost my support for good.
ParentofThree said…
I also do not agree with Obama and education, however when I think about the McCain/Palin alternative right now...I shutter!
I hear you. It's terrible to work so hard to elect someone and then find out the one thing that is key in your life will be carried out in a manner you can't stand. I honestly think that a lot of his education stance comes straight from his friend, Arne Duncan.

I, too, wish I had 10 minutes with him.
Chris S. said…
Maybe we should protest. Worked at Arne Duncan shindig to get 10 minutes...
Anonymous said…
I just invited the president to my house for a talk while he is in Seattle, a shot in the dark. since i live about 1/2 mile from Hec Ed, you never know!!! i would have a few things to say about his agenda on Ed in our country.
He hasnt lost my support, but i am not too thrilled with his administration, but, i am not ready to give up... especially if i think of the alternatives...

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