Oh Those Kidders at the Stranger!

Checking out one of my favorite blogs, the Stranger Slog, I saw this under the heading, "Get Your Ass off the Couch"

Seattle Public Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson hosts a Community Coffee Chat. Ask her if we got our school levy endorsement right. (West Seattle Elementary, 6760 34th Ave. S.W., 6 to 7 p.m., free)

Those kids at The Stranger, love 'em but they need to get a clue (or two).

It's a tough choice: Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, a bunch of charter guys at MOHAI or the Cowboys versus the Giants (ignore this one if you have no idea what sport I am talking about). Thank goodness for Tivo.


seattle citizen said…
Ha! My sister in Chico, CA, posted that yay, the Giants were going to the series.

I wrote back, "who?"

She replied, very seriously, "That's not funny. If you were here in the room you wouldn't say that."

NEVER joke around about not knowing the Giants! I think she hates me now.

I sent her a signed picture of Dave Heaverlo I had lying around.(late seventies Giant pitcher, ex-Mariner, was from Ellensburg and now has a radio show in...Spokane, I think). Maybe she'll see me at the holidays.

At any rate...Go Giants! They're the only team around here (in the West's sense of distance) that has a chance at a series title, so Go Giants!
CCM said…
Ok - that's funny SC. I'm no football fanatic - but growing up in Oklahoma - I believe that the Cowboys to which the post refers is the Dallas Cowboys who are playing the New York Giants tonight in the Monday Night Football game.

I believe that the first World Series game is Wednesday night San Fran Giants vs. the Rangers at 4:30pm. Go Giants?
Not keeping up with baseball, I made that "error." Sorry for the confusion. But the real thing is, any team NOT from Texas.
Patrick said…
Not from Texas and not the NY Yankees.
Anonymous said…
The only reason those Texas "Cowboys" even have any shot at all is because they raided Cliff Lee from the Mariners back in June. Go Giants.

bb fan
seattle citizen said…
So here's a piece of today's blurb over at LEV advertising (literally) tonight's event:

"...featuring three education innovators: Richard Barth, CEO of KIPP Foundation, Timothy Daly, President of The New Teacher Project, and Steve Barr, Founder of Green Dot Public Schools...the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will moderate a panel discussion about strategies that are working to provide an outstanding education for every child."

Ha! Really?! "Innovators" (corporate profiteers) are going to talk about strategies that "provide an outstanding education for EVERY child"? Whose strategies are they going to discuss? Certainly not their own "innovative" strategies, which only serve a few percent of students, and those, apparently, badly...Do they mean the mechanization and standardization of classrooms? Does this strategy help "every" student? Do they mean the multiple-choice, computerized tests that seem rife with room for error? THESE help every student?

What about at/above level students in the current system? Are THEY being helped by these strategies? Oh, yeah, differentiation - the strategy where a teacher can teach ALL the different levels, abilities, and understandings in one classroom, all 35 of them, while the teacher is subjected to the same test metrics as part of her/his evaluation

Ought to be a hoot, wish I could go, can't wait to read the report (thanks in advance, reporters!)

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