UW K-12 Resource Guide

From the UW, a complete (and I mean long) listing of all the preK-12 outreach programs they have.

There is everything from accounting to music to Native American history/culture to geography, it just goes on. Most of it seems to be 6-12 but I saw some elementary items as well.

For example:

Description: Internships with the Homewaters Project are an excellent way to put your GIS skills to use in Seattle area schools. Homewaters is aneducational nonprofit organization in Seattle that works to connect people, especially K-12 students, to their home place through our school and community programs.

Currently we are conducting two GIS-based programs in Seattle's schools. Our Water and Community GIS program works in middle schools to investigate water quality issues in Seattle each winter. Our high school Neighborhood Green Mapping program uses GIS to map the sustainable features in a school's neighborhood, and takes place during the spring. We are looking for reliable students to create and improve our GIS layers, as well as work in the classrooms to assist students during their GIS days of our program.

Subject Area: Computers and Technology, Education, Public Health, Sciences, Social Sciences
Type of Resource: Curriculum Resource (guides, materials, staff support), Internship, partnership
Target Population: Teachers, Students, Classrooms, schools
Grade: 5 through 10
When Offered: Academic/School year
Location: On-site at school, UW Seattle campus
Fee: None
Web Page: http://www.homewatersproject.org

Good stuff.


seattle said…
Thanks for posting this Melissa! Great list.

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