Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meetings This Week

Monday the 11th, 2 p.m. - the City Council is taking public input on their consideration of the supplemental schools levy. You sign up to speak before the meeting starts and you have 2 (whole) minutes.

Tuesday the 12th, 4-6 p.m - Audit and Finance Committee meeting on audit issues. The Board committee members are likely to continue their way through the long list of audit issues and staff will tell them what they are doing.

Wednesday the 13th, 4-6 p.m. - Board Work Session on Special Education. A presentation from Special Ed staff is expected. I urge anyone who wants to make a presentation on behalf of the Special Ed PTSA to tell a Board member NOW that you want 5-10 minutes for your presentation. As Director Martin-Morris has pointed out, there is no policy that says only staff can present. Be the test case. (Now staff is going to read this and try to head you off at the pass. They may tell the Board they might not be able to answer questions if time is taken away from them. Press your case because you do have one. Staff already takes over much of the School Board meetings so when the heck are people allowed to address the Board and the Superintendent?)

Thursday, the 14th - the Audit and Finance Committee will have the Finance portion of their meeting (as Tuesday is the Audit part).

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SP said...

From the 8/11 Executive meeting minutes posted online now:

"Committee members agreed that committee minutes will be expanded to reflect more of and track the work of the board and should include topics, requests of staff, process and timeline, issues."

That's a great 1st step, but if the minutes are not posted until one month after the meeting, it's too late to be any kind of communication tool for the community to use in a timely matter, while issues are actively on the table.

Why can't these meeting be recorded with audio which can be accessed immediately after each meeting electronically like the State Board of Ed does?