South Lake Counselor Receives Award

From the Rainier Valley Post:

Last week, South Lake High School counselor Carol Johnson was honored in a surprise school-wide rally with the “Champion for Youth Award” from Atlantic Street Center, a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Seattle’s kids and families thrive.

It feels like she works every waking moment trying to better the lives of the people she comes into contact with,” notes Ralph Fragale, Atlantic Street Center’s counseling department program manager. Fragale routinely works with Johnson to provide students and their families with the resources available through Atlantic Street Center’s programs.

South Lake is a small re-entry high school near RBHS (and adjoining South Shore K-8). It's good to know there are fine staff at every school including those reaching youth who need extra help and guidance.


seattle citizen said…
It IS good to know that there are these fine staff members at every school. Congratulations, Ms Johnson, keep up the good work! I know that your students appreciate your effort!

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