Big Beautiful Questions

From WestSeattle Blog:
Seattle and Washington State students have an opportunity to use their inquisitive natures productively, experience a new way to learn and to be featured in Warren Berger’s “Question Week.”
It seems we never have time to step back and ask the kind of big, beautiful questions we should be asking—in our schools, in our businesses, in our daily lives. Therefore, Warren Berger (author of “A More Beautiful Question”), in partnership with leading organizations and programs focused on questioning, is sponsoring QUESTION WEEK (running from March 13 to March 19 in 2016 with a nod to master questioner Albert Einstein’s birthday on Monday, March 14), designed to raise awareness of the power and value of questioning.
Whether you’re a student, group of students, friends, family, or a solo questioner, this is a great opportunity to grow! So – please come share your questions! This is the key to making Question Week come alive!

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Instagram @whywhatifhow
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be sure to add #yourschoolname or #yourfamilyname or #yourorganizationname
​—as well as the locally dedicated Facebook page or nationally dedicated Facebook page — to connect with other questioners around the world during Question Week. 
We want to share your exercises and results—including photos taken at your Q-storms, lists of questions generated, favorite question of the day. 

If you’ve come up with a Beautiful Question of your own, or a “How Might We” question for your organization or school, we will help you tell the world about it.


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