Countdown for Legislative Session - How Will It End?

My Northwest is reporting that the Governor is saying this:
Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday that he will not sign any bills coming his way if legislators in Olympia do not finish the budget on time. 

"This morning I let leadership know that they should not expect me to sign bills until they reach a budget agreement," Inslee said. 

"Doing a budget is their first job. They need to do their first job," he said. "Then, and only then, can we start to look at these bills that are not going to be signed unless we get a budget."
According to the Washington Policy Center, the Governor's office said this;
The governor made the point today that there is no reason that legislators can’t get this done but they aren’t yet moving at the pace required to finish by Thursday. He hopes this provides a deadline that makes sure they get the job done on time. 
With or without the vetoes, the Governor also said he will immediately call a special session to begin this Friday if a supplemental budget is not adopted before then. 
I wish the Governor would come out and say he will veto any charter bill (as Governor Gregoire did.)

Also, the Washington Policy Center, despite their Executive Director's dislike of pushing thru bills with no meat to them, paid for charter school ads in the Times yesterday and today.

What this all means to charter schools is hard to know.  I'm not a legislative insider and, at this point, it's hard to read the tea leaves.

 Is there enough leverage on the levy cliff/lid to get enough legislators to agree to a charter school bill?

Hard to for me to believe legislators would not be worried over the lack in public input AND the fact that it may not be vetted enough to withstand a court challenge. 

Did you get your (apparently) mandatory charter school robocall?  I had two this weekend. 


Steve said…
I've received at least 4 robocalls. They are completely ineffective, and not just because I'm against charter schools. Very poorly done.

- Steve
NO 1240 said…
The privatizers are targeting the following individuals and it is extremely important to call these electeds (or e-mail) and ask for a NO vote on charter schools:

Rep. Pat Sullivan: 360-786-7858
Rep. Tana Senn ; 360-786-7894
Rep. Joan McBride: 360 786 7848
Rep. Chris Reykdal: 360-786-7940
Rep. Christine Kilduff 360-786-7958
House Speaker: Frank Chopp 360-786-7920

Anonymous said…
Least surprising development of this news cycle. The Seattle Times has published a big fat Do It Now charter school editorial. Apparently charter school funding is the uppermost budget priority of this session.

Who besides the charter school operators and a handful of students can buy off on this priority with a straight face?

Come back and talk when McCleary funds flow. Of course, when our schools are no longer starved for $$, the need for charters might well go poof.


Anonymous said…
What us the deal with Washington state? Vote 18 times for a monorail... No monorail Vote against a stadium... Get a stadium. Vote down charters 4 out of 5 times, the supreme court shuts it down and now it looks like we are headed back to having charters. Just ridiculous. Democrats need to grow a backbone. Tell these corporate clowns no one and for all. I hope the voters in Seattle won't forget, and won't forgive allowing the charlatans to get their got back in the door.

When I moved here 20 years ago from the east coast the locals all hated the Californians who were moving in, and I didn't understand it. Now I do. Californians take your charters and go home you are not wanted by the vast majority of people in the areaa you are attempting to rob of previous tax payer dollars we gladly pay to our local public schools. If you think the teabaggers are angry just try to put in one of your shoddy scam schools in my city.

We, the local community, will shut you down.

--Sitting Bull

Anonymous said…
Please call the following elected and ask for YES vote on public charter schools:

Rep. Pat Sullivan: 360-786-7858

Rep. Tana Senn: 360-786-7894

Rep. Joan McBride: 360-786-7848

Rep. Chris Reykdal: 360-786-7940

Rep. Christine Kilduff: 360-786-7958

Citizen Kane
Anonymous said…
Also, please be sure to call House Speaker: Frank Chopp (360-786-7920) and ask for YES vote on public charter schools.

Citizen Kane
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the numbers, CK! I called and asked them to vote no on privatized charter schools and to fully fund public schools instead.

NO 1240 said…
It should be noted that State Representative Larry Springer voted AGAINST his own charter bill. He was afraid the bill would not withstand legal scrutiny and charter schools would never be allowed in Washington state.

Springer's story didn't end with a vote against his own legislation. He has sponsored a title-only charter school bill; a bill which is intended to do an end-run around the state's constitution and a bill that will not be subjected to public scrutiny. This narrative must follow his entire political career. Shameful, at best.

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