Free Event on Fighting Sexual Assaults on Girls

The Fight the Fear Campaign, founded by musician Brandi Carlile in 2010, is excited to announce a Sexual Assault Awareness Evening for Western Washington High School Girls. 

This free event will take place on Thursday, April 28th from 7-9pm in Roosevelt High School's Performing Arts Center. 

Girls will learn to recognize the red flags that often precede assault, as well as the assertive communication, self-defense, de-escalation, and boundary setting skills that are a proven deterrent to violence.

Guests will hear from survivors, including Jennifer Hopper, whose story is the subject of Eli Sanders’s new book While the City Slept.

FTFC is a non-profit that teaches free self-defense and sexual assault awareness to Seattle-area youth. 
To get tickets for this free event, please visit our News/Events page at<>.

(Editor's note: the book, While the City Slept, is the harrowing account of an attack on Ms. Hopper and her girlfriend in their Seattle home.  They were both raped and beaten and Ms. Hopper fled to get help and her girlfriend was murdered by their attacker.  It is an important story and I don't know how far Ms. Hopper may get into it but I wanted to give readers a heads up. 

Mr. Sanders won a Pulitzer Prize for the story he wrote about the crime in The Stranger.)


NW mom said…
Thanks for posting this, Melissa. Just told a bunch of girls about it.

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