Cedar Park Elementary Update

  March 17, 2016
Dear Cedar Park, John Rogers and Olympic Hills Elementary School Communities,

I am excited to announce Dedy Fauntleroy has been appointed as the new Planning Principal for Cedar Park Elementary School, starting this fall. She has been serving as Principal for John Stanford International School (JSIS) since February 2014.

Dedy was chosen for this role for many reasons; first and foremost she has a history of being a strong instructional leader and holds high expectations for all learners.
Additionally, her experience and passion for serving students who are English Language Learners and her drive for advocating for equity and social justice is inspiring. We are confident in her ability to incorporate all of this into a strong identity and vision for Cedar Park Elementary.

Dedy originally came to JSIS from Beacon Hill International School where she was a principal intern and then was appointed assistant principal. She is fluent in Spanish, has extensive teaching experience, and understands how to support best practices in the classroom. Dedy immediately demonstrated her commitment to the JSIS culture, her leadership in international education and her strong coaching skills, which have proven to be a great fit for the John Stanford community.

Prior to Beacon Hill International, Dedy served as English Language Learner (ELL) and International Programs instruction coach for Seattle Public Schools. She has been working with the Council of Great City Schools and the Center for Teacher Quality since 2011. Previously, Dedy was a teacher and department head at Hamilton International School, and elementary ELL coach and leader in the Burbank Unified School District in California. She taught from 1994–2007 as a middle school and elementary teacher in the Burbank, Poway and Azusa Unified School Districts in California.
Dedy earned a bachelor’s degree at Smith College and a master’s in education from the University of La Verne. She holds a principal certificate from the University of Washington’s Danforth Educational Leadership Program. Dedy also undertook training in ELL and earned her teaching certificate at the University of La Verne.

We will set up opportunities for building staff, students and families to meet your new principal. Thank you for the high expectations you set for every student, and for all you do.

Larry Nyland, Superintendent
Seattle Public Schools


Anonymous said…
Really great Principal.

Anonymous said…
So against all community input of which there was a huge amount they created a too small school and drew an enrollment area to it guaranteed to make this a community largely of no economic means and of significant language barriers.

Now they've got a great principal to address the problems the downtown bureaucrats created.

And they'll be slicing apart the resources and programs built up over these past years at John Rogers destabilizing that school in the process. Two schools with problems when it did not have to be this way. The community begged them not to do this but as usual fingers in ears.
Cedar Park is Exhibit 20391 of the continuing madness here that is SPS downtown bureaucracy?

North Shipcanal
Anonymous said…
@North Shipcanal

Yep, and they are planning to open Cedar Park as a geo-split...(not as a roll-up, as was done for Sand Point, McDonald, Viewlands, Rainier View, Fairmont Park, etc...).

So, the most high-risk kids from both Olympic Hills and John Rogers will be reassigned out of the schools they have been attending since kindergarten, and will be torn away from their friends, school community, familiar teachers, ELL supports, counselor, etc.... but, hey, it will all be fine, because they've hired a great planning principal for Cedar Park.

-North-end Mom
It's not done and I know several directors have made public statements about not wanting to see this play out like this.

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