Brains On!

From the Public Insight Network:

How would you make science fun for kids?

Hi -
My name is Sanden. I'm a science reporter at Southern California Public Radio and a producer for Brains On!, a science podcast for curious kids and adults. We take questions from kids and pose them to scientists. Questions like  "What is it like to live in space?" or "Why do dogs sniff other dogs' butts?" or "Where did language come from?"
I'm reaching out to you as a parent or educator in the Public Insight Network - and as someone who cares about kids - hoping you will take a listen and share your ideas for stoking kids' love of science.
Tell us your ideas by clicking here. 
We've had over 1,000 kids write us to tell us they love the show, which makes us think we're on to something good. And with your help we can make it even better!
We're looking to recruit more kid hosts around the country and to create a new series about science and National Parks. If you want, head over to our crowdfunding campaign to support us! 
Thank you,

Sanden Totten
Science reporter & Brains On producer


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