Revolving Door of Associate Superintendents

Flip Herndon did not make the final cut for the Edmonds School District superintendent post.

In 2013, he applied to be superintendent of Renton Schools.  He had previously been the superintendent in Bremerton School District.

Michael Tolley is in the final four to become the superintendent of Bainbridge Island School District.


Anonymous said…
Bainbridge would be really lucky to get him. Fingers crossed.

Not impressed
Anonymous said…
Seattle would be really lucky.

Hardly impressed
Anonymous said…
pleaseohplease best of luck and buhbye MT

open ears
Greenwoody said…
Please, Bainbridge Island, don't hire away Michael Tolley. Anything but that.

(really hoping reverse psychology actually works here)
Anonymous said…
Bainbridge Island School District facts:

3,913 students
249 qualify for free lunches
28 transitional bilingual students
<10 students in foster care
92% four year graduation rate

Even Michael Tolley could do this job. Any chance Vashon could be convinced to hire Shauna Heath?

Fingers Crossed
Anonymous said…
If we can get the last of MGJ's handpicked hires out of here, we'll be making maybe the single biggest possible leap toward a district that answers to its teachers parents and students. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said…
Isn't Michael Tolley the only one left at SPS who was involved in TIERS group contract fixing scandal.

Why wasn't there any type of external investigation.

Elsa said…
Remwmber, Brent Jones was hired by MGJ too.
Elsa said…
And Brent Jones hired the "investigator" who botched the Beacon Hill cheating scandal beyond all recognition.
Island Bound said…
Michael Tolley has many years of experience. Bainbridge Island would be lucky to have an individual with many many years of experience.
Anonymous said…
Many years of experience is not the same thing as EFFECTIVE.

-My 2cents
z said…
@My 2cents: SHHHHHH! That's our own big secret, don't let them know!

@Bainbridge: Tolley has lots of administrative experience, and he has made amazing strides in equalizing education in Seattle. Please hire him!

(Don't worry about how he has equalized things here, it's a perfectly valid strategy to take a meat cleaver to all services that aren't aimed at the middle/normal 80%)

And as suggested above, you could get a 2-for-1 deal if you take his partner-in-crime Shauna Heath as well. Please hurry with your decision!
Anonymous said…
Good luck to him and anyone that commited to good quality education!

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