OSPI Updates

OSPI released new data about the 2015 high school graduation rates in Washington state.  Here's the presentation.

One of the more interesting trends is that the graduation rate for Asians is steadily going up (from 82.9% in 2012 to 87.8% in 2015) along with two or more races (up 4.4%) and Latinos are up 5.1% (64.5% to 69.6%)

The data also shows poverty to be a very big indicator of graduation rates of F/RLstudents usually 20% below groups who are not F/RL.

They also have created a new initiative at their website, Graduation - A Team Effort (GATE).  They have information there for parents/students and teachers.
Graduation: A Team Effort is an OSPI initiative that began in the Spring of 2011 in an attempt to align dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement efforts across OSPI, as well as other state agencies, statewide youth-serving organizations, and regional and local education agencies.


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