Board takes back program placement authority

The Board has long delegated authority for program placement decisions to the Superintendent. Policy F21.00 made that explicit and Policy 2200 reinforced it. All the Board required was a coherent process, community engagement, and a report.

Since the Superintendent has never provided a coherent process, community engagement, or a report, the Board is now preparing to take back the authority. The Board is preparing to amend the policies to require all program placement decisions to have Board approval. See the documents starting on page 58 of the packet for the upcoming Executive Committee meeting.

There can be no doubt that this is a direct response to recent decisions (EEU, Middle College, InterAgency at Queen Anne) and the historic failure/refusal to conduct community engagement, provide any coherent rationale for decisions, or make sound decisions.

Is this what accountability looks like?


This is a very important step for the school board to take. The district staff have made a series of damaging and, in the case of Middle College, racially offensive and discriminatory decisions regarding program placement. On that basis alone it makes sense for the board to take back the final decision-making power.

After all, that is the essence of democracy and why having an elected school board is so important. The district staff will still be able to make recommendations, but final decisions regarding program placement should be made by the elected representatives of the people.
mirmac1 said…
I hope that the Board will now put in place a predictable special education program and assignment pathway. As Flip Herndon alluded to in his nonanswers re: City PreKs; there are annual changes to where our children are assigned. Parents are left guessing where their child will attend school.
Anonymous said…
The reality is, these issues still come to the Board in one form or another, through protests, public commentary, lobbying, petitions, etc. But the Board is not
currently empowered to influence them, and so the District is perceived as acting without transparency and the Board failing in its duties

wow - someone appears to finally be getting a bit of a clue ;)

Watching said…
The district has abused their authority and transparency is a problem. Kudos to the Seattle school board!!

I'm thrilled.
Z said…
Thank you directors Peters and Patu for submitting this proposal!

Please ask your directors to support this.
Anonymous said…
After years of Ready-Fire-Aim, the Board is finally ready to rearrange the process into a Ready-Aim-Fire (when they say "fire") process. It's about time JSCEE staff, including the SI, re-discovers democracy.


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