What Will the Governor Do?

 Update: the Governor's office has a list of bill signings this week.  The charter school bill - 6194 - is not on it.  A signal he might let it quietly pass into law?

Consider giving his office a call to veto it, 360-902-4111

April 2nd is the last day the Governor has to decide on his course for the charter school bill.  The legislature has (finally) gotten the budget done and the Senate/House are busy re-voting on bills previously passed to send to the Governor (again.)  So that charter bill is once again going to be sitting on his desk.  I would guess it would get there today.

This governor, unlike Gregoire, is holding his cards close to his vest.  Governor Gregoire had unequivocally said she would not sign any charter school bill that reached her desk.  (Her comments on the Supreme Court ruling, therefore, were kind of odd.)  There will be consequences no matter which way he goes but then again, he's the one who ran to be in charge of making big decisions. 

But look who will be at Aki Kurose on Wednesday from 1:30-2:00 pm to sign an education bill:
Gov. Jay Inslee will visit Aki Kurose Middle school this Wednesday, where he will sign House Bill 1541: Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap, based on the recommendations of the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee.

In last year’s analysis of the most successful opportunity gap closing schools, Aki Kurose was one of those identified. Principal Mia Williams was recently named the Washington State Middle School Principal of the Year, and under her leadership, Aki Kurose has consistently been one of the highest growth schools in the entire district.
Might be worth going to see the Governor sign this important bill.  


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