McCleary: Still Waiting


Catherine said…
The statue in Fremont - Waiting for the Interurban, is regularly decorated with various themes... I'm thinking this might be a good one to coordinate.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps with continued kicking of the can......

WA schools can become more like Louisiana's schools.


BATON ROUGE, La. — Already, the state of Louisiana had gutted university spending and depleted its rainy-day funds. It had cut 30,000 employees and furloughed others. It had slashed the number of child services staffers, including those devoted to foster family recruitment, and young abuse victims for the first time were spending nights at government offices.

And then, the state’s new governor, John Bel Edwards (D), came on TV and said the worst was yet to come.

Edwards, in a prime-time address on Feb. 11, said he’d learned of “devastating facts” about the extent of the state’s budget shortfall and said that Louisiana was plunging into a “historic fiscal crisis.” Despite all the cuts of the previous years, the nation’s second-poorest state still needed nearly $3 billion — almost $650 per person — just to maintain its regular services over the next 16 months. Edwards gave the state’s lawmakers three weeks to figure out a solution, a period that expires March 9 with no clear answer in reach.

Louisiana stands at the brink of economic disaster. Without sharp and painful tax increases in the coming weeks, the government will cease to offer many of its vital services, including education opportunities and certain programs for the needy. A few universities will shut down and declare bankruptcy. Graduations will be canceled. Students will lose scholarships. Select hospitals will close. Patients will lose funding for treatment of disabilities. Some reports of child abuse will go uninvestigated.

Should the WA legislature consult with Bobby Jindal for guidance?
I guess looking at the current McCleary progress perhaps they are following a Jindal plan.

-- Dan Dempsey
Liza Rankin said…
Catherine - that would be so cool! Deck them all out in red, holding cans...

I created this label and can, and am happy to have anyone who wants to, to make their own. Here's a link to print out 2 hi-res labels for a standard 14.5 oz can on one sheet of paper: Can Labels

Please share your photos with us at Soup for Teachers

Catherine said…
Thanks Eliza!

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