Shots Fired Around Rainier Beach

Update #2: 
 From SPD Twitter:
Two adult male suspects are in jail thanks to a quick response by Gang Unit Detectives Jones and Pinkerton, who were patrolling the neighborhood when the shooting occurred. It appears that the victim and the suspect actually exchanged gunfire, with the victim suffering the gunshot wound to the hand.
A RBHS mom spoke out - not in public testimony but during the meeting - about her worry for her child with the number of shots fired in this neighborhood.  She was directed to Pegi McEvoy for more info.

It is interesting that the City wants to "help" SPS and yet the one thing in their power and that is THEIR responsibility - the safety of the areas around the schools - they don't seem to be able to do much.

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Update: the shelter-in-place for the shooting incident near RBHS was lifted for all schools at 2:54 pm.  No further updates from SPD.

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1) A reader reported that there was a shelter-in-place at Garfield, Washington, NOVA, and Leschi due some kind of police activity. That was about 12:30 pm.

Then that shelter-in-place was lifted for all except Washington MS at around 12:35 pm.  That was lifted at Washington about 10 minutes later.

2) Then, reader HP reported SPD was investigating shots fired around Rainier Beach High School around 2:00 pm.

Checking Twitter, at 2:15 pm, SPD is reporting that a man was shot in the hand while in a parking lot. 
"Officers spoke with witnesses who described a car speeding away immediately after the shooting.  Officers found that car crashed and upon further inspection found a firearm inside.

Officers continue to search the area for the suspects who were last described as a black male wearing a red sweatshirt."
SPS Twitter says that Emerson, South Lake HS, South Shore PK-8, Dunlap ES, Rainier Beach HS were in shelter-in-place as of about 2:10 pm.

Last Twitter message as of about 2:35 pm.
South Lake, Rainier Beach, South Shore are not releasing on time due to continued shelter-in-place. 
(I don't believe today's events are related incidents.)

From yesterday's robbery of a Denny student, another SPD update (filed yesterday):
Officers received a call from a second victim at 3:30 PM who said he was walking home from high school when he was approached by two teens who matched the description of the suspects from Tuesday morning’s robbery.  The suspects pulled out a knife and demanded the victim’s property.  The victim refused, leaving the suspects to run away empty handed.

Officers arrived quickly and spotted the suspects in the 8600 block of 16 Ave SW.  Officers searched the suspects and found the cell phone that was taken during the earlier robbery in the pocket of the 15-year-old suspect, as well as the knife used in both robberies.  Officers determined the second suspect, a 14-year-old, acted as a lookout during the robberies.

Officers booked the two teens into the King County Youth Services Center for investigation of robbery.

Southwest precinct detectives will continue to investigate this case.


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