Comments Back Tomorrow

I am putting back the ability to comment at will but with a couple of caveats because I am tired of a few people making work for me just to be unkind.

One caveat is that I will let you know that CK did comment on one recent thread but I am declining to allow his/her comments any longer because of an tone that appeared to me and others as threatening.  (And when CK saw a comment did not make it into a particular post, he/she used a quote from the Catcher in the Rye and called us all "morons.")  I can't stop CK from posting but I will delete every single comment.

Another caveat is that the other person who does immature things when he/she posts like swear or post the same thing multiple times or ask me where I get my money is, probably in my opinion, someone who ran for school board.  Do I know this for a fact?  No, I don't but what I can tell is writing style and tone.  And no matter the moniker, it all looks and sounds the same.  So former school board candidate, please grow up, get a life and run your own blog. 

The last caveat is that I do get that what I write can rile people.  But the difference seems to be that some people are writing to rile others (or me) on purpose. 

This blog is for lively discussion of issues.  Let's do the mature thing and keep it that way. 

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