SPS Leadership Loses a Good One

Looks like our financial officer, Ken Gotsch, will be leaving SPS in about a month. 

I'm pretty sad over this as Mr. Gotsch is smart, calm and patient.  He's a true professional and has always been willing to help with information.

No word on his successor.

I wish him well.


ProSleep Mom said…
I agree, this is a loss. Ken has kept the District's financial house in order, which is no small thing; and he's been a pleasure to work with.
mirmac1 said…
Perhaps he should have gotten the Deputy position, and was not happy at being passed over.
Watching said…
The well being of our classrooms is dependent upon the district's finances and financial management.

Managing the complexities of a budget over $1B is not an easy task. I always felt comfortable with the district's finances in Goetsch's hands. This is a loss and I wish him well.

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