Once Again, Shelter-in-Place Around Rainier Beach High School Area

I was out and about and missed the tweets but apparently, around noon-time, there was yet another shelter-in-place.

SPS tweet:
Shelter-in-Place: Dunlap ES, South Shore PK-8, South Lake HS, Rainier Beach HS while investigate report of shots fired in area.

The shelter-in-place was lifted about an hour later.

From SPD Blotter:

A Sound Transit light rail train and the platform at the Rainier Beach station were struck by gunfire Thursday after a man fired shots at two people sitting on a bench.  There were no injuries.

Shortly before 12:30 pm, officers responded to the Sound Transit station at Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. and South Henderson Street for reports of shots fired. Witnesses described a black male, in his 20’s to 30’s, wearing a black hat, black jacket and dark pants fire a handgun toward the platform.  Two individuals had been sitting on a bench on the platform, and Gang Unit detectives are investigating whether they may have been the intended target of the incident. Police have not yet spoken to the two individuals, as they fled the area following the shooting and have not yet contacted police to make a report.

It's fascinating that the Mayor continues to speak of taking over the district and yet this area of schools continues to have these issues.

The safety inside the schools is the district's responsibility but the area outside of the schools?  That's on the Mayor.


Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, this was my experience with the light rail in Portland. Gangs started using the lines to expand their turf. There does need to be more vigilant security measures for middle and high schools close to a light rail station.

In Portland there was a notable uptick in crime for homes and areas within a four block radius of a light rail station.

Jet City mom said…
I was just reading an article from ten years ago about the massacre on Capitol Hill.
The UW Daily quotes ( then Rep) Murray as saying he would make it a priority to reduce access to weapons at the state level.

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