Friday, April 17, 2015

Kid Issues around the Puget Sound

Here's a sad commentary on our country.  (I think Seattle Citizen mentioned this issue elsewhere.)  A baby was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting in Kent.  The baby is likely brain-dead.

Why did this happen?

Police said the shooting stemmed from a road-rage incident when a silver car driven by Malaja’s family and a black sedan turned on Lake Fenwick Road South at the same time.

“There was some sort of exchange, and the next thing we know is the individuals in the black vehicle exchanged gunfire (at the) silver vehicle,” said a police spokeswoman on the scene.

 KIRO tv had a story and this is what the baby's uncle said:

"We need to stop the Seattle violence," the baby's uncle, Edmond "Mackie" McNeil, told KIRO 7.

"The CD [Central District], south end, whoever, wherever. It's over. We're trying to be living for our kids. Everybody needs to live for your kids, now. It's over. You ain't no gangster because you want to carry a gun. That's stupid. Live for your kids. Be a PTA parent. Do something."

Wise words.

The Times is reporting a notable uptick in the number of whooping cough cases.

Whooping cough is on the rise again in Washington State, with more than five times as many cases so far this year as in 2014," the Seattle Times reports. "Vaccination of pregnant women, children and teens is the most effective way to stop the spread, health officials said. As of April, there have been 319 cases of whooping cough, formally known as pertussis, compared with 49 cases for the same period last year, the state Department of Health reported.

In some good health news, it will sunny this weekend AND it's free admission weekend at our national parks including Mount Rainier.


Anonymous said...

From the article on pertussis:
Pertussis is a cyclical disease that peaks every three to five years. In recent years, the state and the nation have seen increased activity during the high points of such cycles, possibly because of changes in the type of vaccine used to prevent the disease, said Dr. Jeff Duchin, interim health officer for Public Health — Seattle & King County.

Don't forget to get your booster shots!


NW mom said...

The baby died yesterday. Such a tragedy.