Whatever Happened To....?

Please, feel free to add to this list.
  • Ron English
  • Alliance for Education MOU
  • MOU for partnering with the City on their pre-k program
  • the issue of Africatown getting back into the Mann building (which they apparently believe is going to happen)
  • Directors Blanford and Martin-Morris' plan for African-American boys (an idea that both have said they want to work on but have never said how)
  • a high school for QA/Magnolia
  • transparency in this district - why can't the district put up every budget for every school/department? 


Po3 said…
Science materials adoption? Seem to recall that was in motion several supers ago.

Anonymous said…
Someone had an incident with another employee and HR removed him from the JSCEE the same day. Not sure, but I think it had something to do with his assistant. There might be a law suit in the works.

You can connect the dots.

JSCEE rumor
Anonymous said…
Middle school and high school math adoption?

-North-end Mom
Lynn said…
proper instructional materials and curricula for Language Arts and Social Science classes for all middle schools serving Academically Highly Gifted students in the Accelerated Progress Program (APP)
Anonymous said…
Got an email today that Jeanne Kohl-Welles is running for city council. Bet that explains her yes vote on tying test scores to teacher evals. She knew she was out of there.

CT, I think it's King County Council. But again, you might be right about why.
Anonymous said…
That could be. I just quickly glanced at it before deleting it, figuring it was a money pitch.

Anonymous said…
What ever happened to Special Education Advocacy & Advisory Council aka SEAAC?

Probably they are in 'stasis' like FACMAC: The Superintendent-du-jour does NOT like it when uppity parents speak truth to power, so he just kind of tries to burry them, that way when they point out obvious failings and hew closely to the evidence and data, he can ignore them and blindly trundle down the path of more-of-the-same. The path that got this district into a failing position in the first place. It is sad but true: when the super and his cabinet ignor the evidence, or worse yet, ask the WRONG questions, they keep making bad situations (SpEd and capacity) WORSE!

We need them both back pronto, even if the current Super does not want to hear what they have to say.

Lynn said…
The Beacon Hill cheating investigation. The testing coordinator is working as a principal in Issaquah now.
Anonymous said…
Cheaters never prosper ....

I'm sending this list to the Board.
Charlie Mas said…
Whatever Happened To...

Title IX compliance
Update of sexual harassment policy
MTSS Implementation
Equitable Access Framework
Evaluation of advanced learning programs
Transparency in program placement decisions
Laurance said…
And SSD investigations never find anyone in administration guilty of ANYTHING. They simply get jobs at other Districts.

Yet another phoney investigation.
mirmac1 said…
Well I sure as hell hope that "assistant" did not retaliated against.

Yeah I know. Who am I kidding.
mirmac1 said…
SEAAC was buried by Tolley and Jessee. Atlas shrugged.
Anonymous said…
What happened to the $462,000 for SENECA to fix SPED.

About Us

Seneca Family of Agencies (formerly Seneca Center) was founded in 1985 by advocates who were determined to more effectively meet the needs of children in group homes and foster family care. Seneca established itself as an innovative leader in the provision of unconditional care through a comprehensive continuum of school, community-based and family-focused treatment services for children and families who have experienced high levels of trauma and are at risk for family disruption or institutional placement of the children.

Dustin theWInd

Anonymous said…
@mirmac 1

And, Tolley and Jesse burried SEAAC because the children recieving SpEd services were doing so well? Because SEAAC was a waste of time with nutty blatherings? Why would they burry it? Was it pointing out the obvious failings of the services and the disregard of the children's civil rights? Were they speaking truth to power?

Anonymous said…
The main "trauma" children with disabilities receive - is at the hands of the school district. Usually, administrators. Let's hear about what "Seneca" has done about that "trauma" and "disruption".

Anonymous said…
AH please don't forget the CAP, AKA RCAP, AKA RRCAP and AKA RRRCAP. Seriously though what is the SPS crisis flavor of the month?

What ever happened with the investigation into the SPED data breach?

I know a secret!

More dots
Anonymous said…
Here's a clue 2012-SE-0106

More dots
Anonymous said…
Why speak tongues? If you want to say something, say it.

Anonymous said…
When you have to shoot shoot don't talk.

Eli Wallach
I'm with Parent - either say what you know or not at all.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Special Education due process hearing? Why be so cryptic?

Anonymous said…
Ok, that link does nothing, because I don't see 2012-SE-0106 listed.

Wasn't the question , Whatever happened with the investigation into the SPED data breach?

I don't get it. Is there a typo?

Another clue
Anonymous said…
@Another clue

Ok, you almost have the first part. Read the link and deduce.

More dots
Anonymous said…
OMG did he fail to investigate?

Anonymous said…
Ok. Clueful. Yes. Ospi website. Got it. Check. Your case. Oops. Not there.

Was there a case? Is it data related? Do you have a link? A point?

Or are you the chicken little, Feds are Coming, Just-wait-an-Aya-tole-you-so poster?

Just wondering if you're actually saying anything. I know we're not supposed to figure out identities... but the cryptic "end is near" sped posts are reminiscent of older posts.

Anonymous said…
transparency about capacity management? the north end is teetering on the edge of a catastrophe, but there is little communication from capital staff other than "we have a plan." Huh. Awesome. Care to share?

-sharing is caring
Anonymous said…
Is the answer LH ?

Vulcan Mindmelt
Anonymous said…
I'd like to know about the data regarding students moving from self-contained to cluster-grouped Spectrum. It was promised to parents.

Also, what happened to affirmative action regarding AL designation? Diversity in the program was promised.

What is the district planning as northend cohorted HC student numbers climb higher and higher? Service was promised, but it seems impossible.

Will Garfield be able to take all HCC students who want to attend in the future, even in 2015-16? It is "guaranteed" but,again, it seems impossible.


Anonymous said…
Is LH short for laurelhurst, I'm so confused. I thought the Breach came from Roosevelt? Did laurelhurst do something similar.


Also, how do you create a unique name for posting.
Anonymous said…

August 17th

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