Shelter-in-Place at Nathan Hale/JAMS

It appears there was police activity around Hale and JAMS this morning.  From SPS Twitter:
Officers arrested teen suspect from assault at Nathan Hale HS after lengthy foot-pursuit. More info to come.
From SPS Communications Twitter:
Shelter-in-place: Nathan Hale, Jane Adams. @SeattlePD investigating Nathan Hale incident of student beat up on campus - suspect fled.
SPS Communications reporting shelter-in-place was lifted about 45 minutes ago. 
Lifted: Shelter-in-place at Nathan Hale and Jane Adams. Suspect in custody per @SeattlePD
April 21, 2015
Dear Nathan Hale Families -
At 10:00 AM we became aware of an incident that occurred on campus where a student was injured by another student, who is currently suspended and not supposed to be at the school. Nathan Hale staff immediately contacted Safety & Security and Seattle Police. The student was treated by the school nurse.
Because safety is our top priority, Nathan Hale went into shelter-in-place for less than an hour while SPD searched for the suspect. Nathan Hale follows Seattle Public Schools and Washington state requirements by:
• Having crisis response plans in place that address a full range of emergency situations. We also conduct lockdown drills and fire drills regularly to prepare for all kinds of emergencies.
• Our school counselors and staff will be available to discuss student concerns throughout the week and we can also provide resources for families if you need them.
I am very proud of the way the students and staff conducted themselves and I assure you that we will continue to keep you updated as I am aware of information.
Jill Hudson, Ed.D.
Principal, Nathan Hale High School


Anonymous said…
There was a Sheriff's helicopter circling and canine units dispatched, as well.

- North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
Was this just a school fight? Or were there weapons involved?

Seems like a fairly heavy-handed response

Anonymous said…
It was a school fight but the student had been suspended and was not supposed to be at Hale. Schools are wary of suspended students due to anger issues.

Anonymous said…
John Rogers Elementary also went into shelter in place during the incident.

From the SPD blotter:

Police Arrest Teen For Assault At His Former School

Written by Detective Drew Fowler on April 21, 2015 1:59 pm

Officers arrested a previously expelled 16-year-old student who returned to school and assaulted a student Tuesday morning.
Just before 10 AM police responded to the 107oo block of 30 Ave. Northeast for an assault of a student. The suspect, who had been previously expelled from the school, assaulted a student and then ran from the building. School security attempted to follow, but eventually lost sight of the suspect, as officers were responding to the scene.
Medics treated the 15-year-old victim for cuts and bruises suffered during the assault.
King County Sheriff’s Guardian One and multiple Seattle K9 officers assisted with the search that lead officers into a greenbelt and through a stream. Officers eventually located the suspect hiding under the back porch of a home in the area.
Police booked the teen into King County’s Youth Services Center on investigation of burglary.

- See more at:

- North-end Mom

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