You Can Still Opt-Out

Considering it?  You can still opt your child out of part of the SBAC testing. 

I honestly believe two things.

One, the feds will not be able to come in and punish districts/schools for the decisions of parents.  In fact, I think that states might consider suing the feds over it and boy, would that make for an interesting Supreme Court case.  (To note, the Court has sided with parents on several of these types of cases.)

Two, change on comes when people of good faith stand together.  There is no "done deal" to all of this.  Parents - and taxpayers - have the right to ask hard questions about the teaching and learning being done and how the dollars are being spent  in the name of accountability.  I'm not sure anyone can say this is the only/best way to that accountability.

As of 4/20/15, in New York, 177,249 students have already been opted out of the Common Core test.


Want to hear more about opting out?

Seattle Opt Out Group Meeting
Thursday, April 23, from 6-7:45

Douglass Truth Library
2300 East Yesler, Seattle

Our guest will be Rita Green, Education Chair of the Seattle/King County NAACP. 

We will have a great conversation about opting out and how the high-stakes standardized testing movement is impacting our students of color.  Join us!!
(I'll add here that Rita Green is a long-time parent at Rainier Beach High School and public education activist.)


Anonymous said…
Opted out about a month ago. Never looked back.

Opter Outer
Anonymous said…
Just opted out in Northshore School District.

Anonymous said…
Opted out for my 6th grader in APP at Washington and hope many others will do the same.

I sent the form by email to a few other parents but am not sure who followed through. I'll be interested to hear updated numbers when they're available.

-Seattle parent
Anonymous said…
You don't need a form - an email to the teacher is sufficient (and if they *insist* on a form, they're being obnoxious).

Signed: opted out
Opted Out said…
Special thanks to the individuals organizing around this important issue.

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